Waiting for Gordon – 2012
This six-piece installation is part of the Ghost Series in Red Deer, AB and includes:A life-size sculpture of Julietta Sorenson waiting on the sidewalk for Gordon, two roundels and three suitcases.

The complete work depicts Gordon Sorenson, who ran the first bus line in Red Deer, and his wife Julietta, who ran the Blue Derby coffee shop and sold bus tickets.[Red Deer. AB]

Pioneer Family – 2010
This sculpture was commissioned by a gentleman whose family broke ground in the Penhold, area. The piece resides in the Penhold Multiplex.   [Penhold, AB]

Doris Forbes and Mickey the Beaver – 2004
This bronze is part of the Ghost Series in Red Deer, AB and commemorates a famous pet beaver. The Forbes family took in as a battered beaver cub, nursed it back to health and named it Mickey. Mickey became part of the family, even living in a lodge attached to the family house and traveling around on photo opportunities during the 50’s.

The piece was commissioned by the Central Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association and is located in Coronation Park.    [Red Deer. AB]