Dalmatian - 2018                                                                                                                                                      
This artwork was made for the outside of a new fire hall in Red Deer, AB. We designed it to look as if it were playfully running near the green field in the foreground and to a fire hat. The dalmatian is synonymous with fire halls in North America. History tells us that they were brought in to guard the valued horses and keep the varmint from chewing the cloth water hoses. As man’s best friend, they provide comfort for those dealing with the aftermath of fire travesties and personal struggles.

Veteran’s Memorial - 2013                                                                                                                                                      
This memorial was commissioned by the Historical Society of Blackfalds and with help from Veteran’s Affairs Canada and gifted to the town.

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Ascending Elevator - 2013                                                                                                                                                      
This work is thought provoking piece reflecting on the disappearing icon of the prairies.  The elevators are floating away into the sky in both a beautiful and lamenting way, they are disappearing like a child’s lost helium balloon.  The viewer will be looking up to see this work and would have the same perspective watching up into the sky to see this unusual scene of the floating elevators. 

Kaleidoscope Menagerie – 2011
The work centers on the dualities that exist in a growing city, accentuating the dynamics of cohabitation with the flora and fauna. We tried to give this piece a sense of stained glass incorporating the cities historical, current and future aspects. This 50 foot long piece welcomes you to the Dawe Centre which houses an ice arena, public library, gym, pool and elementary school. Red Deer, AB

Dawe panarama smaller.jpg

The Rec Centre Fish – 2007
This was commissioned by the City of Red Deer to replace the old fish mosaics that could not be saved in the new construction of the building. We chose the most local fish in Alberta including the salmon that actually spawn on the border with BC. Each has a clay roundel border that looks like metal casings with bolts to imitate a fish tank wall.

The Killarney Pool – 2003
The idea behind this piece was to illustrate what was happening on the inside of this building. We used commercial porcelain tile around the borders to frame the individual mosaics. Calgary, AB

Restoration, Jesus Mosaic – 2001
This was our first commission using glass mosaic. The original mosaic was backwards with Jesus’s left hand blessing a boy. The church wanted the hand and the boy removed and replaced it with the proper arranged hand and bible, as well some additional symbols which included some of the old glass.