In Through the Outdoors – 2012
These two doorways symbolize the natural beauty and habitat for the flora and fauna that St. Francis was so well known for. We worked with most of the students at St. Francis Of Assisi school of Red Deer and installed these in their small chapel.

St. Elizabeth Seton – 2002
We worked with the students of that school to make tiles that reflected their idea of love, hope and their connection to the school itself. The image is a variation of the school logo. It is located in the main foyer. Red Deer, AB

Meandering River – 2001
This project was our first public art project and involved 6500 school children from across Red Deer, AB. Each student carved their version of “leisure’ into clay tiles which were glazed, fired and placed on the wall of the Collicutt Centre in a river pattern which is displayed in 5 major wall areas measuring over 200 feet long.