Occasionally we get the opportunity to create works of art in metal. In our recent projects we have been designing sculpture in aluminum.  We design the concepts in studio and work closely with specialized fabrication shops to do the water jet cutting and the welding. 

Star Gazer - "Koo Koo Sint" 2017

The sculpture Star Gazer, is about David Thompson; the explorer, cartographer and voyageur. A silhouette of David Thompson is seated looking through his sextant high upon a tripod of canoes. 

The canoes themselves are embellished with images depicting his explorations, maps, family, stars and his connection with the local indigenous people, who gave him the respected name Koo-Koo-Sint meaning ‘Star Gazer” for which the sculpture is named. This sculpture, along with 4 others are part of the Canada 150 Capital Boulevard Legacy Public Art Project in Edmonton, AB.

Silhouettes of Medicine Hat - 2016

The Silhouettes of Medicine Hat were designed to reflect the cities flora, fauna and industries.  We were tasked with creating public art for the family Leisure Centre as the city was doing an addition to the facility. We came up with the idea to use the original brickwork in the front of the building to present 6 arches and one large meadowlark. For the interior we created smaller metal silhouettes.

Working with an art committee we came up with imagery of the local agriculture, oil and gas, and the now historical brick plant with old Medalta potteries.  The other three arches illustrate the wildlife, landscape and local aboriginal history. Inside and on the building are a large meadowlark, avocets, a pelican, sage grouse, burrowing owls and an antelope.

FLC - Medicine Hat (1) skinny small.jpg