Our approach to making public art is set out in a variety of considerations: site specific, public accessibility and our own artistic vision and beauty.

Our work is responsive, combining interests of flora, fauna, history and our interest in urban and rural environments. The work is often whimsical, playful and full of colour.

We meld these various concerns with the requirements to come up with dynamic solutions for each project. Our diverse experience in both 2 & 3 dimensional forms gives us a broader range of solutions. We have extensive experiences with brick sculpture, glass mosaics, tile making, construction, welding, and have formed great relationships with engineers and logistical supports. We pride ourselves with our ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders of any project large or small. 

Our concentration in public art stems from an inherent interest to inspire and make the lives of those who encounter it more meaningful. To motivate but also allow for visual respite to individuals, giving one a sense of wonder and enlightenment in the imagery, encouraging laughter or a seriousness through these experiences. The opportunities we have had thus far embody these objectives.